Chordology is a minimalistic, portable chord dictionary for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and other stringed instruments.

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3 July 2020

iOS v2.3.0

by The Great Magnet

What’s new?

Big update to how the chords handled. Currently, there are around 600,000 unique chords, each of which may have 20+ positions on each instrument. This uses a huge amount of data, so i’ve had to re-think how they’re generated and stored. The method used for storing them has changed, which means faster loading times and far more chords (previously I had to leave out inverted chords as it increases the number of chords tenfold).

The lack of inversions meant that a lot of common Banjo and Ukulele tunings weren’t possible!

Any comments, criticisms or bugs found then please drop me an email at and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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iOS v2.3.0
iOS v2.2.0
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